Wout-Jan Koridon, Synnexus, is explorer, facilitator and developer of integral vision, strategy, programs and collaborative alliances for impact.  He has worked in a wide range of sectors, organisations, companies and functions on information and knowledge systems, organisational development, change and management, strategy & innovation and sustainability development.

The thread that runs through his career, work and life is organising collective intelligence and action for development, change and transformation.
Synnexus means being aware of the current, relative fragmentation of societal and economic functions, (re)creating synergy through developing new, regenerative connections between ‘the pieces of the puzzle’, between people, perpectives, purposes, projects and production means.
In short, practically, tuning in to what is needed, to what is called for, considering the status, change patterns and context of the system in transition at hand, and design and organise collaboration on the goals, themes and challenges.  Amongst others, this encompasses mapping the terrain of stakeholders, understanding different perspectives, tracking relevant technological, economic and societal developments, defining project outline and need, and draw, initiate and guide a program for impact innovation.

He introduced kaizen to systems developement, developed new methods for quality improvement, developed and provided training in systems analysis & design, conceptualised business intelligence, designed information services and systems for interorganisational collaboration, and lead multidisciplinary teams for product & service portfolio innovations.
Acquired various methods and techniques for complex problem solving, group work, collective intelligence and deep change he focusses on sustainability and systemic transitions & innovations. He contributed as facilitator, designer and host to a.o. the Climate Solutions Meshwork at COP09/Klimaforum in Copenhagen, global initiatives like 4YGO, the IUCN’s Leaders for Nature forum and workgroups (with Philips, IBM, AKZO Nobel), and in the Netherlands as particpant in various local (governmental) sustainability workgroups, as co-organiser of a series of dialogues and TV programs on biobased economy, as co-organiser or facilitator of events like TEDx Leiden and Climathon, and as regional spinner for Urgenda.
Being generalist and allround but hardly cornered, he is nevertheless able to relate to expertise, details and specifics of work at hand.

Currently he is involved in developing a regional collective for sustainable transitions, in designing a program for impact education, in guiding student teams on sustainable business initiatives, and in architecting an integral hub for logistics and circular economy.