Synnexus’ area of work is in particular the development of circular and inclusive economy, of new forms of organisation and governance and for organisations that are purpose- and impact driven.
The transition process involves multiple disciplines of change. Where needed, experts and/or stakeholders from my network can be involved. Synnexus offers the following services.


Program management

In complex collaborations the governance, goals and organization of a program are vital.  Current innovations and transitions make the course of actions volatile and uncertain.  This calls for combining the experiment of the new and the execution of planned impact projects.  Synnexus guides in situation analysis, context setting, developing programs and delivers program management, formulating and running a program of actions and projects.


  • Program management model of TwijnstraGudde
  • Project management
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Community orchestration
  • Proces facilitation

Community orchestration

Community building and management is vital to synergistic collaborations in complex challenges, connecting up all needed expertise and knowledge.  Organising and facilitating on-life and online communities requires tools and engagement. Synnexus can help to set up intelligent online community tools.  With a vast network, broad experience in many sectors and clear vision on the transitions at hand, Synnexus can help to associate relevant people and organisations. That means explore, analyse, develop social and system network structures and support connections and cocreation with off-line and on-line tools:
  • mapping themes and stakes of related people and organisations
  • indicate connecting themes and values, and existing or missing connections
  • organising teams and processes to develop the network and community needed, to create coherence and collaboration and clarify the need, drivers and factors
  • organising on-life and on-line social infrastructure for an active community.


  • Social graphing/network analysis
  • Vaue system analysis
  • Community events
  • Process facilitation
  • On-line ecosystems, (intelligent) collaboration platforms and social social community tools

Proces facilitation

For effectively incorporating all needed perspectives and collective intelligence in a collaborative process, facilitation is key.  The process’ objective - as its character - may vary from idea generation and strategy development up to plan of action or impact assessment.  Synnexus offers mapping the terrain of issues, considerations, agents and goals and the design, organization and facilitation of the process.


Elements are used of various dialogue, creative or development process methods, like:
  • U-theory / Presencing
  • World Café / Action Café
  • Open Space Technology
  • Deep Democracy
  • Brainstorming and creative thinking
The process methode and principles that are develop by the Art of Hosting community are a true source of inspiration. Θ

Project guidance

Co-creation means each participant bringing in value and expertise.  Synnexus builds on experience with portfolio innovation and team management for product and service development, involving all organisational and business functions.  Synnexus can consult on developing business cases, setup and alignment of multi-disciplinary teams and offers guidance or team management of co-creating solutions.